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Have logos to sell online?

Option 1
Build Your Own Logo Site

This is very do-able and potentially the most profitable avenue for selling your pre-designed logos. Before you start, take stock of what is already out there. Can you realistically compete? There are thousands of logo design web site on the Internet, all attempting to sell logos to a limited number of buyers. Each one of those sites took many late nights to build, but only around 1% of them generate significant sales.

The reason:
It's been done.

Others have been selling logos online for years and have the experience, search engine rankings and inventory of pre-designed logos to make selling logos a profitable endeavor.

If you will be doing something radically different and you have a strategy for letting people know, start building. You are probably part of the 1%. If you are simply looking for an outlet for your unused logos, you will make a lot more money with option 2. Read on.

Option 2
Use 3rd Party Vendor


Designer's Cut: 85%
Min./Max. Price: $100/$3,000

Update 2013-08-19
LogoGround announced yesterday that they will no longer take a cut from designer sales. The designers now receive 100% of the sale amount!

Designer Requirements:
Anyone over 18 can sign up and sell logos at LogoGround. The catch is that each logo is individually approved by an art director. Around 90% of logos submitted to LogoGround are declined.

This site is comparitively new, but the company behind it owns Biz-Logo.com which has been selling pre-designed logos (very successfully) since 2004. The high payout to designers makes LogoGround an obvious choice. The only drawback is that the site is new and not as well-trafficed as the other contenders. Not yet. Their focus on quality and their high payout to designers will likely see it catch up quickly.


Designer's Cut: Around 70%
Min./Max. Price: $99/$2,000

Designer Requirements:
Anyone can sign up and sell logos at StockLogos. The bar seems to be lower than at LogoGround, judging by the quality of the logo designs offered for sale.

The site is well established and it receives loads of traffic, which is great. There does seem to be some confusion over what constitutes a "unique logo" though and the overall quality of the logos offered for sale is low.
We would recommend uploading your logos at LogoGround.com first and using StockLogos.com as a backup outlet for logos not approved at LogoGround.


Designer's Cut: Up to 50%
Min./Max. Price: $99

Designer Requirements:
Only designers who have won logo design contests at 99designs are eligible to upload logos to their Logo Store.

The overall quality of logos offered for sale here is high and 99designs is by far the biggest in terms of traffic and sales volumes. It's a great place to find buyers. Designers receive a very small cut of their sales though. A significant difference here is that designs are resold. Only the first buyer has the option to purchase exclusive rights. The possibility of ongoing sales can be a great benefit to designers.


We know of more logo vendors, but these three are the ones we consider worth your time.

If you would like to add a vendor to this list, please check that the vendor's web site is listed in our directory before you contact us. Only sites listed in the directory are eligible for review. If it is not listed there, you are welcome to add it.


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