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Pre-Designs versus Pre-Made versus Ready-Made versus Template Logos!

Final Score: 20 (out of 30)


At a Glance

Logo design with a twist. LogoGround functions as a marketplace where logo designers can sell their work as exclusive pre-designed logos. That's it. No custom logo design here and no related graphic design services.


This is somewhat difficult to score as the designs are from many different designers. At the time of writing, LogoGround is still relatively new so there are not that many logos to quide our quality rating. The ones that are there are of a very, very high standard. LogoGround approves each logo individually before it is published on the site.


Very good value for money at LogoGround. The price shown with the logo is the full price and includes limited alterations to the logo.

Every logo is exclusive. Once it's sold, it's gone.

The designer sets the price. Prices range from $100 to about $1,000 for a logo.

A great benefit of shopping at LogoGround (or any pre-designed logo site) is that you see what you get before having to pay for it. If you have paid for custom logo development in the past and were disappointed with the designs, you'll appreciate this approach.


LogoGround strives for a 1 business day turnaround time, but they do not guarantee the turnaround time.

From their "How It Works" page:

"If you needed the logo yesterday, you really should've ordered it last week! The LogoGround process is fast, but LogoGround encourages designers to put quality above speed. Good design takes time. Brilliant design takes even longer. The one business day turnaround is a guideline, not a rule."


LogoGround offers a full money-back guarantee valid for 14 days. There is no fine print. Note though that once you receive the editable vector version of the logo the refund option is no longer available, so if you choose direct download (as opposed to working with a designer to refine the logo) then there is effectively no money-back guarantee.

Files and Formats

If you choose direct download you receive the logo in JPG and EPS format only. If you choose to work with a designer to refine the logo you can specify which formats you'd like to receive.


LogoGround support is limited to a form on the contact page. There is however a nifty client area where you work with the designer on the revisions, so you do have a way of speaking to your designer directly.


The LogoGround service is somewhat limited by the fact that major changes to the logos are not included in the price. Only changes to the text, font, layout and colors are included. If you find a logo that's almost perfect, your LogoGround designer may charge extra for editing the logo image itself.

That said, the pre-designed logo model and LogoGround's approach to it are both great. It makes sense for any business to page through LogoGround's collection first, before opting for a custom logo.

On the downside, the logo designer that you work with might not be available later on, should you need additional logo files, font name, color names etc. Make sure you get all the formats and information you need during the wrap-up phase.

Final Score: 20 (out of 30)



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