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Please search our directory for your company name before adding your site. It might already be listed. If you submit it again it will automatically be de-listed and queued for moderation.

1. Company Information
Company Name Required. Just the name, not the URL. For example: MyLogoSite
URL (Full http Address) Invalid Required.
Year Started / Founded Not Required.
Contact Person Not Required. Will be published on the site together with your listing.
Contact Email Not Required. Will be published on the site together with your listing.
Contact Phone Not Required. Will be published on the site together with your listing.
Type of Web Site Required.
2. Service Details
Custom Logo Design Do you offer a custom logo design service?
Pre-Designed Logos Do you offer pre-designed logos for sale (Logos that are NOT resold)?
Template Logos Do you offer template logos for sale (Logos that are resold)?
Vector Format Do you design in vector format (AI/CDR/EPS) and make vector files available to the client?
Money-Back Guarantee Do you offer a money-back guarantee? (Not a "satisfaction guarantee".)
Live Support Do you offer live support / live chat where operators are available at least 8 hours per day?
Phone Support Do you offer phone support?
Email Support Do you offer email support?
Affiliate Program Do you have an affiliate program?  
Affiliate Program URL If applicable
Keywords / Tags   Required. Add keywords that logo shoppers might use to find you. At a minimum you should add your company name, list of services offered and your geographic location.
(Character limit: 1000)
Member of LogoDesignCode.com Is your web site registered at LogoDesignCode.com?
3. Reciprocal Link
Does your site link to LogoFirms? Not Required. While a reciprocal link is not required for inclusion in our directory, sites willing to reciprocate are bumped to the top of the moderation queue and are unlikely to be rejected.
If yes, please indicate the link URL


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