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Pre-Designs versus Pre-Made versus Ready-Made versus Template Logos!

Top 10 Logo Design Sites - Reviewed, Measured, Tested.

Our reviews of some of the better-known logo firms reveal interesting facts. When you compare measurable factors like speed, delivery formats and value for money side-by-side, you might be surprised at how big the difference really is between logo design firms. It pays to do your homework before ordering a logo. Here's our list of the current top 10 logo firms.

Great value all round. Good choice for custom logos.  
Great quality, great value, good support. Cost-effective pre-designed logos and custom logos.  
Fast and professional, with a solid money-back guarantee.  
High quality, high value and a decent guarantee, but limited support.  
High quality logos, good support. Value for money is about average. Slow turnaround.  
Pre-designed logos only. Each logo sold once. A great alternative to custom logo design.  
Good quality. Average value for money, average turnaround, poor guarantee.  
A different way of doing things. Average quality, average value. Read our review first.  
Large, reliable company, relatively poor value.  
Great value for money, but recommended only if you are on a very tight budget.  

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Logo Design Service


It's In The Fine Print

LogoFirms took a closer look at some of the bigger names in online logo design. Do they really deliver? Which ones don't? What's hidden in their Terms of Service Agreement? Check out our logo design reviews for the naked truth.

Trust Marks in Logo Design

Trust marks, such as a BBB logo or "verified by..." logo can go a long way to winning the trust of a potential client on your web site, but are there any specifically for logo design?

As far as we know, LogoDesignCode.com is the only service providing a trust mark specifically for the online logo design industry, which offers a code of ethics for online logo design.

Logo Types

There are many different logo design types. Knowing which one to select for your company can save you time, money and headaches.

Template Logos
Template logos are cheap, but it's questionable whether a template can be a logo. Logos should be unique. Template logos are not. Typically the template logo vendor will sell the same template logo to many different companies. Template logos are only OK if you can and do modify it.

Pre-Designed Logos
If you are on a tight budget, this is where you start. Pre-designed logos are not as expensive as custom logos. These are logos that logo firms are putting up for sale, just like template logos, but pre-designed logos are not resold. Watch out for logo firms that sell template logos and call them "pre-designed" logos!

Custom Logos
If your budget allows, buy a custom logo. The value for money here is generally much higher than with template or pre-designed logos. Prices range from under $100 to $1,000+, so shop around. Start by looking at our reviewed logo firms.

Need a Logo Designer?

The Web has made it possible for any logo designer to offer his or her services via a logo design web site.

That's great for logo designers, but not for their clients.

The fact is that anyone (not only professional logo designers) can create a "logo design" web site and take a shot at designing logos for money.

  • What makes a good logo designer?
  • What should you avoid?
  • How do you pick the right one?

This site is about answering those questions and giving you in-depth reviews of some of the more prominent logo design firms. We are affiliated in some way or another to some of the logo design firms listed here, but our review and ranking criteria depend on the quality of the service, not on financial gain.

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